Initial Consultation

Rate: $50

The In Home Consultation is the first step before scheduling organization services. This time together allows us to walk through your home, discuss your problem areas, and set your organizational goals. Following the consultation, you will receive a project-based plan and comprehensive quote to begin our next steps together.

Organization Services

Each project will be quoted a flat rate based on estimated project time

1-2 hours: $150 | 2-3 hours: $200 | 3-4 hours: $225 | 4-5 hours: $250 | 5-6 hours: $275

6-7 hours: $300 | 7-8 hours: $350 | 8-9 hours: $400 | 9-10 hours: $450

I am happy to be creative with containers you already own, or you can choose to have me plan and install new product for you. 

Shopping Services

Rate: $50 per project + cost of goods

New containers not only create a clean and consistent look, but they will also help you maintain organization. This additional service allows me to plan and install cost efficient and quality products that will accommodate your spaces, giving you lasting results!

Unpacking Services

Rate: $50/hour

This service is for clients moving into a new space that want to be organized from the start!

An In Home Consultation is not required for this service. 

Virtual Services

Rate: $50/hour

Restore The Home’s Virtual Service equips you to organize yourself with professional guidance!

You will receive project-based tasks, suggested products, and helpful tips, based on the photos you send to Restore The Home. 

Restoration Services

Rate: $50/hour

This service is for established clients that need their spaces refreshed!

Whether life gets messy or you add new items to your pantry, Restore The Home will re-organize for you. 

This includes updating labels, adjusting systems to preference, and tidying. 

Visit the contact page to get started!